This is a Gentlemen's tournament.
All the referee's decisions are final and will be backed by the Tournament Committee.


- To be eligible, all players must be at least 21 years of age or the minimum age of their division.
- No players can be added to your roster after the 1st game without approval from tournament committe.
- No player can play for more than one team without approval from the torunament committee.
- Team Rosters must be turned into tournament committee before first game.
- A team may be disqualified if a player is used who is not listed on his teamís FIRST game score sheet,
  or under the division age requirements, unless previously approved by tournament officials.
- Team Rep is responsible for team conduct. No refunds for ejected players.
- No Carded Players

       A player shall be considered "carded" if he or she is registered with an "A" team in the PeeWee division
       or above including Junior A or B, Major Junior, Division I, II or III College, Minor Pro or Professional Hockey

GAME RULES: (Modified USA Hockey Rules)

- NO ALCOHOL ON THE BENCH.(Team will forfeit game, No Refund)
- All teams will play 3 games
- All games are three 20 minute running time periods Ė 3 minute rest between periods. Warm-up will be   5 minutes. TEAMS DO NOT CHANGE ENDS.
- Slap shots are not allowed Ė a shooters stick cannot go above their knee. Violation will result in a face   off in the offending teamsí defensive zone.
- Body checking not permitted.
- No player can score more than 3 goals in one game. (Face off in the offending teamís defensive zone).
- Penalties assessed will be 2 minutes running time for Minor penalty and 5 minutes for Major.
- A player receiving three penalties in a game will automatically be ejected from the game.
- A player receiving a major penalty for fighting or referee abuse will be ejected from the game, the   tournament and possibly the facility (No Refund).
- The last three (3) minutes of game will be stop time ONLY if the score differential is 1 goal or tied.
- Tied game may result in 3 man shootout if time allows. If no winner after shootout, game is tied.
- No team time outs. (Injury timeouts are at the discretion of referees).

HEADS UP means your team stats will compare against all other teams in the tournament (not just the ones in your bracket) for the winner.
- 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall tournament placement is determined by:
                    Factor 1 - Most Points (Win=2, Loss=0, Tie=1 Points)
                    Factor 2 - Fewest Penalty Minutes
                    Factor 3 - Fewest Goals Against
                    Factor 4 - Most Goals For


- Due to permit requirements the following rules must be followed
- Beer must be purchased & consumed in the lobby Hospitality Area ONLY

All the referee's decisions are final and will be backed by the tournament Committee.